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Youth Ministry

Delcine Hughes

The Children/Youth ministry provides special events and activities that motivate and excite the youth, keeping them interested in the church and Christian life.


This is the ministry that is responsible for keeping our pantry full for the hungry.

UIC Care Ministry 

Tonya Pennington

The UIC Care Ministry is a visitation ministry that visits and encourages members and community members who are homebound, hospital bound, or living in convalescent hospitals.

Outreach Ministries

 Carol Horton, Mary Jane Jones, Sandra Davis, Kimberly Jenkins

(A Blessing for You Ministry, Clothing Ministry, Health & Wellness Ministry, & Prison Ministry: The purpose of the Outreach ministries is to work with the public relations director to promote a positive image of the church in the community while reaching out to community members. The Health & Wellness ministry is to encourage and inspire members of our congregation to exercise and eat healthy according to the Word..

United Voices For Christ

Johnnie Clark

 The music ministry ministers to the congregation through music.

The choirs and rehearsals are: United Voices 4 Christ – Thursday @ 7 PM

Men of Praise – Thursday before 4th Sunday@ 5:30PM

Heaven Sent Youth Choir

Thursday before 1st Sunday @6 PM 

Deacons & Deaconess

Ralph Davy & Debra Harris

 The Deacons are officers and servants of the church. They minister to the needs of the church family and assist the pastor in whatever way is needed.The Deaconess (women) also assist the pastor and serve the church family. They lovingly attend to the baptismal candidates, and prepare and assist in serving the communion.

UIC Sights & Sounds Media Ministry

Frank Kelly
(760) 240-6555 The media ministry provides a spiritually enlightening and enjoyable experience in services, programs, and drama productions through audio, lighting, photography, recordings, and videos

Men & Women Ministry

Michael Caudillo & Linda Scoggins

 The purpose of these ministries is to unite all the men & women of the church into a fellowship that will help grow and develop spiritually and personally. These ministries teaches, trains, and encourages men & women to live successful Christian lives to the mission of His church through worship, work, and witness in all areas of life.

Ushers & Greeters

Earnestine Kelly

The ushers assist in worship service with seating of the people, distributing materials, and collecting offering. The greeters greet the people as they enter the church and offer assistance to visitors.

New Members

Betty Mack
 The new members ministry welcomes new members, provides helpful information, and helps them to assimilate and feel at home in their new church.

Pastor’s Aid Ministry

Jeannette Hughes

The Pastor’s Aid Ministry assists in the comfort, hospitality, and ministry needs of the Pastor while he is performing his ministerial duties at church, in the community, or while traveling.


On Mission Hour (Sunday School)

Unia Harris
Sunday 8:45am – 9:45am

 On Mission Hour (Sunday School) reaches, teaches, and ministers to members and prospects through studying God’s word and the shepherding of the class. Shepherds (teachers) meet Wednesday at 7:00 PM.

Busy Bees Ministry

Theresa Pierce

 The Busy Bees Ministry is a food service ministry, working in conjunction with other ministry leaders when fellowship events and funerals involve serving meals.